Monday, September 05, 2011

Busy, Busy much has happened since my last entry. We're going to be grandparents again in February. The baby is due Feb 29th - Leap Day! Isaac will be a "big" brother! LOL We find out 9/22 whether we're having a grandson or a granddaughter. I've been knitting while I've been you think I'm doing a little wishful thinking? LOL
Isaac is growing like a weed...
Sleeping is the only time I can take a picture of him with my camera on my phone...otherwise he's just a blur! LOL
I've also been learning to quilt, and my wonderful hubby and I worked on a hand-quilting frame together.
I'm working on a Civil War Soldier's Quilt for him.
I've been working on my first Civil War dress...I've got the bodice's a picture of it right before I finished it (it has the hooks & eyes and buttons on it now).
I've also been putting up things from the garden for beans, zucchini, and peaches (actually those were from Huber's). I made a bunch of sloppy joes/coney sauce and put it in the freezer. I made a pie from scratch from the peaches; Rich said it was the best peach pie he's ever eaten.
We've been busy with this season's Civil War reenactments. We went to the 150th anniversary of First Manassas. Being there on the actual date when the battle occurred was an amazing feeling. We toured the battlefield and the surrounding areas where the fighting was done. It was pretty humbling to be there walking the same ground where so many of those brave soldiers died.
Well, back to working on my handmade items for Christmas presents. I will have to post pictures of them after Christmas, though. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Civil War Sack Coat

I finished Rich's new sack coat today. Finished sewing on his Corporal's chevrons. I bought the sack coat kit and chevrons from Wambaugh and White. The pieces for the coat are cut out and sent to you with instructions, thread, and beeswax. It was a challenge, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first sack coat. Every stitch was handsewn. There are a few places I would have liked to have laid a little flatter, etc., but I'm overall pretty pleased.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Civil War Chemise

I just finished this project, which is a chemise. It's from a book called The Dressmaker's Guide 1840-1865 by Elizabeth Stewart Clark. If you are a woman interested in Civil War clothing, it is a must-have! Here is a picture of the chemise I made:

Now I'm working on a pair of underdrawers. A lady can never have too many!