Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm so excited!!!

I've taught myself to knit Continental style (albeit slowly), and I have managed to do this with my newfound skills (a hat out of EZ's Knitting Workshop book). I also bought a new pattern today from my friend Dani at Knitty Paws, along with some yarn to make it with. The pattern is for the Fiber Trends' Leaf Lace Shawl and the yarn is Maggi's Linen - I chose the natural color so that I could wear it with more when I'm finished. Dani has already started making one in another color, and it's going to be gorgeous. This is my present to myself for another special surprise that I got today! My college called me today to let me know that I have been selected as the Chancellor's Scholar Award winner from the local campus for this year; that means that I have the highest GPA of anyone graduating this May!!! I can't believe it! Speaking of I can't believe it, I have GOT to get off of here and study, or they may take my award away due to my Chemistry grades (note the knitting lying on TOP of the Chemistry text - which I am working on studying to prepare for Monday's exam...really!) :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mock Cable Sock Progress

Well, I did find some time to knit last night, after working very diligently on my Chemistry all day. Here's what one of them looks like so far. I think I like the self-striping yarn for the heel. It brings out the color flecks in the rest of the sock. I had problems getting the heels started on my circulars, so I ended up taking this sock off, working on the heel, and will do the same with the second sock - putting them back on two circulars once I get to the point where I'm just knitting 'round and 'round again. I'm not sure where I messed up while trying to start the heels with both socks on circulars, but that's's been a while since I've knit socks on DPNs anyway (since I learned to do 2 socks on 2 circs).

Oh, by the is my 5 month old Boston Terrier, Piper Ann. She is the second Boston Terrier rescue we've had. She's smart as a whip, spoiled rotten, and a case in point of why Boston Terriers are often nicknamed Boston Terrorists! She's a handful (but in a good way). Our other Boston Terrior, Wilma, is 10 years old and getting pretty arthritic. We also have a 2 1/2 year old Miniature Pinscher named CJ.

Heck...might as well put in a picture of them, too. There's never a dull moment around here with two of them chasing each other constantly. Wilma sometimes joins in, depending on how she's feeling. There is definitely some sibling rivalry going can't have one of them on your lap unless you want all three...makes knitting difficult at times, unless there is someone else sitting there to help give some attention out.

Well, back to Chemistry, laundry, and working on my socks!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A late birthday gift...

My present to myself - Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Workshop" DVD and book - arrived in the mail yesterday. I'm diligently working on homework right now so that hopefully I can spend some time looking at it today. I knitted for an hour or so on my mock cable socks last night while watching a movie after dinner with my DH and DDs. I'm about ready to start the heel flaps; (I'll put up a picture of my progress so far once my camera batteries are charged). They are made from Knit Picks' Bare - Superwash/Nylon/Donegal Fingering Weight yarn. It's the first time I've used it, and I really like it. I think I'm going to use some of my leftover self-striping yarn for the heels and toes...just to see what it looks like. I may end up frogging those parts if I don't like how it turns out.

I haven't touched my Desert Poncho for a couple of weeks - and probably won't for another couple of weeks, at least. It may be Spring Break before I can work on it again. As long as I have it finished in time for the County Fair, that's my goal. DH is going ice fishing, DD #1 is going to work at 5 pm, and DD #2 is watching Piper Ann (our 5 month old Boston Terrier puppy - another rescue). I'm off to try to get the homework finished so I can try to knit on the socks while I'm studying for an exam (re-reading notes is much more pleasant when one has a knitting project in hand!).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day/Birthday To Me!

My loving hubby did so well today! He got me a Yarn Meter, so that I can figure out just exactly how much leftover sock yarn I have (dare I start another pair) and how much homespun I have created; he bought me the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl McPhee)'s Knitting Rules book, AND he had Dairy Queen make me an ice cream cake and pipe an icing ball of yarn onto the top - all in my favorite color of purple! :) It's no wonder that man is the love of my life! He's so sweet! I wasn't able to get a picture of the cake before it was cut, so I'm out of luck on that one. I also got in the mail from Wool-Tyme my 4 skeins of Apple Pie yarn. I've heard that it's wonderful for socks - very soft, yet durable. I can't wait to knit it up. Unfortunately, my Chemistry homework has to be caught up first, and I have to finish the current socks I'm working on, so that I can have my size 3 needles! I'll get a picture of the socks currently in progress up within the next day or so.

My friend Susie gave me a Gooseberry Patch cookbook, some fried apples, and some honey from Cracker Barrell (YUM!). Thanks Susie! She (also as my boss), said I should plan to take tomorrow off, too! YEAH! I didn't feel like I could, because of all of the work to be done...but I have to follow the boss' directives, right?!

Well, I need to get busy...tons to do so I can get to knitting!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Socks for me!

Here are the socks I finished for myself. I'm still working on the Desert Poncho - I've got about 50 rows left to do (but I increase by 4 stitches on every other round, so it takes longer and longer as I get closer to the end! :) I'm also working on another pair of socks for myself. I have some leftover yarn that I'm going to use in the heels and toes, along with the Donegal yarn from Knitpicks. I'm not sure exactly how much of each type of leftover sock yarn I have, so I can't wait to get my present from my hubby - a yarn meter (also coming from Knitpicks)! :)