Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fair Project Results

I know...I's been a month since I last posted. School started again for me, and I just haven't gotten around to it. My projects did well at the fair. Although I didn't get a Grand Chamption or Reserve Grand Champion, I did get two first place ribbons. My neck-down sweater got a first place.
My mittens got a first place...and my butterfly shawl got a third place. The judges didn't make any comments on my cards, so I'm not sure what they didn't like (or liked less) about the butterfly shawl. I already have my project for next year in mind, so I just need to come up with the $90 for the yarn because it's something that I can't spin myself...especially with classes going on. I'm counting the months until I'm done with that.

In the couple of weeks between the end of summer classes and the beginning of fall classes, I managed to finish two pairs of socks (each pair worked at once on two circulars). I really like working two socks at once on two circulars...they seem to fly! The only thing I don't like as well is the short-row heel instead of the gusseted heel; it's a good trade-off, though. I'll try to get pictures of these pairs of socks posted this weekend.

Well, back to fixing dinner and reading homework.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's nailbiting time....

Well, I did it.... I just got home from putting 3 of my handknit items in the fair. It would have been 4, but the local fair doesn't have a category in which my finest skein of handspun alpaca could go (sigh). I suggested that they might want to think about it, as spinning is making a comeback and the State Fair has a category for it. Hmmm...Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't have said anything like that until after my pieces were judged! Just kidding! :)

Anyway, I entered my butterfly shawl and my white top-down sweater that I finished last month. I also entered a pair of mittens, which I now see that I neglected to take a picture of when I got them finished. I'll have to try to remedy that when I get them back next week. Hopefully I will at least get a "well done" ribbon, even if my beginner's skills aren't good enough to take 1st place. I'd be happy with that...especially since this is my first ever entry into a fair!

I also have some new interchangeable needles that I LOVE! They're similar to the Addi Turbo needles in that they're nickle-plated brass and very fast to knit with, but they're much less expensive and have a great feel to them when I'm knitting with them...very comfortable. They're from KnitPicks and they're called "Knit Picks Options" needles. They're wonderful!

I also attended Dani's first ever Fiber Fest and Dye Day at Knitty Paws. It was wonderful! I bought some yarn (in conjunction with my friend Rachel) to knit a baby blanket for our friend Lisa. We're using different patterns for each square and doing it in pastel colors. At the end, we'll put them all together and see what we have! I think it's going to turn out great! Oh...and CONGRATULATIONS to Dani on winning two ribbons at her local fair! You can see her award winning projects on the Knitty Paws website.

On the needles now? Well...the baby blanket squares, a pair of socks on two circulars, and the blue top-down sweater I have already put pictures of on here. The sweater is finished except for the sleeves. I have some repair work to do on the sleeve I almost have finished because I dropped some stitches trying to knit in the dark at my in-laws' house last weekend (I would help if I took the time to get up and move to where the light is when we're at a cookout...I just didn't want to get too close to the fire and end up getting a hot ash in my fiber!).

Well, as much as I wish I could say I'm going to go knit, I have yet another paper to write for class. I'm still longing for the day when I can come home and spin and knit to my little heart's content!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

On the needles now?

Another top down sweater! This one is for a Christmas gift...but I can't tell you who for because lots of my family members read my blog! I also have quite a large stash of sock yarn, so when this sweater is done, I'm going to tackle 2 socks at once on two circular needles! Another new challenge - I can't wait!!! I'm getting together with a couple of friends (Hi, Rachel & Ann!) on Friday to teach them how to do the top-down sweater, so I'll have a good chance to work on the sweater (and forget homework) for a while. I'm sooooooo looking forward to it!

My first "top-down" sweater

I've also knitted a top-down sweater! I'm officially addicted to top-down sweaters more piecing together for me! I'm entering it in the Jackson County fair to see how it does. I've never entered anything in a fair before...who knows...maybe I'll get a ribbon of some sort! :) I posted the second picture because I also learned to do a "mock cable" stitch, which I REALLY like. I used it around the neck band, on the sleeve cuffs, and around the bottom of the sweater.

What's up...

Since my last post, I've been trying to keep my head above water with school and work...not nearly as much time as I'd like to be knitting and spinning. In fact, I haven't done any spinning at all. I have been knitting, though, as I can do that while I'm reading homework. I got my purse felted - here are the before and after felting pictures. I carry this purse around every day...I love it! And almost everywhere I go, people ask me if I made it...What a great feeling! :)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

No time....

As I sit here trying to read homework, I'm looking longingly at my knitting needles and spinning wheel. I've got a cotton summer-weight shirt on my circs and started spinning some chocolate-colored Rambouillet wool on my wheel a couple of weeks ago....It's nearly ready to ply. But this >#@*#!* homework has to be done before I can even think about my wonderful projects. It's maddening!

Dani, I've not forgotten about putting a link to Knitty Paws on here...I just haven't had time to work on it. I will try again soon. To everyone who is reading my blog...stay tuned! I was able to finish a wonderful new purse, which I have taken pictures of "before" felting, but not "after" yet. I'm carrying it it's just a matter of having time to take pictures and get them uploaded. I also went to Sheep Street Fibers and bought a fleece, and then took it to Fleece Fair and sent it with Zeilinger's to be made into roving. So soon I will have tons of roving to spin...if I can just find the time! I have some new patterns, as well as a "Knitting from the top down" DVD, so I'm dying to work on some new projects!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My spinning efforts

The yarn on the bottom is the 4th skein I made, compared to the one on the top, which is the 2nd skein I made. Quite and improvement, hey?! By George, I think I've got it! LOL

This is romney sheep's wool that came from New Zealand with my spinning wheel.

My new nephew's goodies

My new nephew is due next month. I made these things for him. Yes...I know you think I've put up the same pictures twice, but I promise I haven't! I'm strapped for cash, so I used the same pattern, same yarn type, and same needles, so I wouldn't have to try to buy two sets! :)

Baby Warren's Gifts

Here are pictures of the diagonal baby blanket, socks, and hat that I knitted for Baby Warren, who will be here in a couple of months. :)

Updates on knitting projects - felted purse

Here are pictures of the knitting projects I've done since December's postings. I'm in the middle of working on homework, so I'll have to list the yarn types, etc. later on. Right now I just want to get the pictures up :)

This is the first felted purse I ever made. It was about three times this size when I finished knitting it (before I felted it). I gave it to a friend for her birthday.

My spinning wheel

It's been a while since I've been able to post...too busy working on stuff for Christmas, then my BSN program started back up and I've been up to my eyeballs in homework. Last week I was elected President of our local Emergency Nurses Association. So....lots to do...little time to knit! :( I also have a new hobby...spinning! My loving hubby bought me a spinning wheel for Christmas, and then bought me a double-treadle kit for my birthday. Here's a picture. It's an Ashford Traveller, and it came all the way from New Zealand. It's used, but it's in great shape, and I got a wonderful deal on it! :) The bags lying around it contain various fiber...alpaca, romney sheep's wool, rambouillet sheep's wool, etc. The folks at SheepStreet tell me that my wheel is an early 1970's version of the Traveller - so it's nearly as old as I am!