Sunday, April 30, 2006

No time....

As I sit here trying to read homework, I'm looking longingly at my knitting needles and spinning wheel. I've got a cotton summer-weight shirt on my circs and started spinning some chocolate-colored Rambouillet wool on my wheel a couple of weeks ago....It's nearly ready to ply. But this >#@*#!* homework has to be done before I can even think about my wonderful projects. It's maddening!

Dani, I've not forgotten about putting a link to Knitty Paws on here...I just haven't had time to work on it. I will try again soon. To everyone who is reading my blog...stay tuned! I was able to finish a wonderful new purse, which I have taken pictures of "before" felting, but not "after" yet. I'm carrying it it's just a matter of having time to take pictures and get them uploaded. I also went to Sheep Street Fibers and bought a fleece, and then took it to Fleece Fair and sent it with Zeilinger's to be made into roving. So soon I will have tons of roving to spin...if I can just find the time! I have some new patterns, as well as a "Knitting from the top down" DVD, so I'm dying to work on some new projects!

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