Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm so excited!!!

I've taught myself to knit Continental style (albeit slowly), and I have managed to do this with my newfound skills (a hat out of EZ's Knitting Workshop book). I also bought a new pattern today from my friend Dani at Knitty Paws, along with some yarn to make it with. The pattern is for the Fiber Trends' Leaf Lace Shawl and the yarn is Maggi's Linen - I chose the natural color so that I could wear it with more when I'm finished. Dani has already started making one in another color, and it's going to be gorgeous. This is my present to myself for another special surprise that I got today! My college called me today to let me know that I have been selected as the Chancellor's Scholar Award winner from the local campus for this year; that means that I have the highest GPA of anyone graduating this May!!! I can't believe it! Speaking of I can't believe it, I have GOT to get off of here and study, or they may take my award away due to my Chemistry grades (note the knitting lying on TOP of the Chemistry text - which I am working on studying to prepare for Monday's exam...really!) :)


the_crocheter said...

Did you like "Knitting workshop" by Zimmermann? Was it more useful than book?
I'm working on seamless yoke sweater and doesn't mind additional help, that's why I'm asking.

knitknurse said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I do like what I've had a chance to watch so far...very much! I can't wait until my classes are over so I can spend a lot more of my free time learning even more about knitting and spinning. :)