Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finally knitting!

Well, school is all over but the walking...graduation is in a couple of days! YEA!!!! I've been working on my Garter Ridge Cardi..I'm waiting on my camera batteries to charge so that I can take a picture of it and post it. I've been working on the house, trying to actually clean. I've been spot cleaning and depending on my daughters for help for so long during school, that I am really enjoying thoroughly cleaning my house! So I've not been knitting as much as I'd like, but definitely more than I was able to a few weeks ago. It's nice to be able to sit down, pop in an audiobook, and knit in peace (i.e. without having to feel guilty that I'm not getting homework done!). I'm already planning my next project after the cardi is will be a lace shawl (my first attempt). Hopefully I can pop in Hobby Lobby and pick up another skein of Lion Suede tomorrow so that I can finish my Desert Poncho this weekend, too. Then I can get pictures of it posted. Maybe my Mom will model it for me while she's here for a visit!

I actually filled my birdfeeder with seed, and filled my hummingbird feeders the other day...poor birds probably thought I'd dropped off the face of the planet over the past couple of years! I'd be sitting out on the deck enjoying watching them right now, if I weren't working on dinner as I type this. I can't wait to plant flowers and go camping and go fishing and....oh....sorry...I got a bit excited there for a minute thinking about all of the things I've missed so much! Especially spending time with my family; that has been my first priority for the last week that I haven't had any homework. It's so wonderful being able to spend time with them. I'm even caught up on my daily devotionals for the first time in a long time... :)

OK...the camera batteries are charged...Here is my progress on the cardi...
The second picture is a closeup of the garter stitching (every 6th row is a pearl row) and the edging. I'm doing the borders in yellow to give it a "springy" look. This will be my first attempt at doing anything with button holes. I'm about an inch away from finishing the back and then I'll be ready to start on the front sides. I have some old, old buttons in a button box that was my Aunt Mary's...I played with all those buttons as a child. It'll be nice if I can find enough of one kind to do the buttons on this project.

Well, I'm sure that my loving hubby will be in any minute with some delicious grilled pork chops. I need to get the eggs peeled and get the rest of the dinner together.

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