Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time for some catching up!

I finally had time to take some project pictures, so get ready for some serious catching up!

Desert Poncho - The Desert Poncho is about finished. I ran out of the Mocha Lion Suede as I was binding off the final row. I went to several local stores where I had seen the yarn over the past several months, and none could be found, so I found some online. I'm ready to finish the bind-off and then do the fringe, and it will be done. I wanted to make this poncho a "little big" because I want to wear it on cool evenings in the fall and spring when we're camping or sitting outside. Ummm...can I just say that it's "definitely big". I will have no trouble with it being long enough to really keep me warm! It's almost a dress! Another lesson in checking gauge for me!

The Fiber Trends Lace Leaf Shawl is finished, and I've given it to my friend Jill as a wedding gift. It was my first true attempt at a lace project (and blocking), and I'm very happy with the outcome.

Garter Ridge Cardi
I've also made good progress on my first cardigan that I've mentioned in previous postings. It's made out of the same yarn as the Lace Leaf Shawl...just in different colors. I've completed the back and both sides and have them sewn together. I'm going to have to take one side off and resew it, though....the pattern doesn't match up exactly on that side, and it's very distracting when you're looking at it. I'm about half done with the first sleeve. After the sleeves are done and sewn on, it will be time to sew on the border around the neck and the front, and do the buttonholes and buttons (another first for me). Here are pictures of the progress so far on the cardi and a picture of the detail of the pattern:

The pattern is easy, and it really looks nice. I'd like to try it again with some of my homespun sometime for a winter-weight cardigan. This particular cardi is going to be very light-weight for spring (hence the yellow and green, which remind me of my daffodils that I can't wait to see coming up every spring!).

A new hobby that hit me out of the "blue"
My hubby and I recently attended a civil war re-enactment. Mind you, I've always felt like I was born in the wrong century, but I now have an outlet for that! We're going to be participants in the re-enactments! We joined a local group of local Northern recruits, and I can't wait to get started! The hubby's clothes can all be purchased for a reasonable price, but buying mine pre-made would be very, VERY'm learning to sew. So far I've made my pantalettes (bloomers), a chemise ("shimmy") and a petticoat to go over my hoops, so they won't show through my dress. I did go ahead and purchase a set of hoops and a corset, because I'm not sure that my sewing skills are up to boning or stays yet. I also have purchased the pattern for my bodice and skirt, so I'll be starting on them before long. My momma was wonderful help in getting the petticoat pinned up to the proper length for hemming so that it doesn't show underneath my skirts (Thanks Mom!). Being a civilian while the hubby is fighting the battles will be fun (and hot with all of those layers of clothes!), but I'm also looking forward to the dances and good times that the groups have after hours when they all get together. I've always been fascinated with the Civil War, so this is a perfect fit. Unfortunately, it also means that I will have to leave my metal knitting needles at home and remember to grab the wooden ones so that I can stay in character!

Well, that's about all of the updates I have for today. Back to laundry, picking some wild blackberries & raspberries for freezing (or a pie), and working on finishing up the current knitting projects. I think Sunday (tomorrow) may even be a day for spinning!

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